What to Expect

We want you to be relaxed and educated about the entire process of chiropractic care at Impact Clinic. Throughout your treatment, we’ll always keep you informed on what comes next, why treatments are being used, and how they will aid in your healing. To get you started, here is a general outline of what your first three visits will include:

First Visit

New patient paperwork.
This includes a full medical history questionnaire to help us understand any outlying health issues that must be considered for your treatment.

Consult with the doctor.
Feel free to share your health concerns and expectations. This is the time to discuss any questions you may have concerning your health and possible treatments.

Physical exam.
This may include orthopedic testing, flex assessments, muscle testing, and a specific chiropractic evaluation. In some cases, x-rays may be necessary to determine an exact diagnosis. Afterward, a time will be scheduled for you to meet with the doctor to review the results of the examination.

Depending on your situation, treatment may begin once the results of the examination are discussed.

Second Visit

Your second visit is designed to give you a complete understanding of what is causing your particular health concern. Educating patients on what is happening with their spine is important in the overall healing process. During this visit, you will also receive a brief overview of the chiropractic treatment plan designed for you.

Four questions every patient needs to ask that will be answered:
1. Can you help me?
2. How long will it take to correct my problem?
3. How often do I need to come for care?
4. How much does it cost?

Once your questions have been answered and the doctor determines it is safe to begin care, you will proceed to the spinal adjusting portion of your care. Some patients do have minor soreness after their first adjustment, much like a workout produces sore muscles. You will be given home care instructions and scheduled for your next visit to our clinic.

Third Visit

This visit is the culmination of your previous two experiences. During your third visit, we will explain in detail your insurance contribution to your care plan and your financial responsibilities. If your deductible is high or you don’t have health insurance, you are not alone. Nearly 30% of our patients are in the same situation. We can help arrange a payment plan that suits you.