Meet Dr. Tim

As a second-generation chiropractor, I’ve seen how miraculous of a change spinal alignment can make in a person’s quality of life. When the body is whole and functioning as it was designed, a person is then freed to achieve, accomplish, and experience all of life’s possibilities. Being burdened by pain and immobility makes this extremely difficult, if not impossible.

That’s why I love what I do. I’m helping people bring more living back into their life. Since graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1991, I’ve worked with thousands of patients to find the treatment solution that would give them back their hope for the future. People need honest, real resolutions to their issues, not endless appointments. That’s why I’ve developed connections in the medical industry in Tulsa to help offer insight and knowledge on diagnosing the source of a patient’s issue, if it remains elusive.

Ultimately, when you visit a chiropractor, you should be receiving a whole-person treatment that does not stop at spinal adjustments. That is what we view as our ministry at Impact Clinic. This is a place where you can find help, answers, encouragement, and, most importantly, hope.
Come in and meet us!